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QDC Empowers the Future Through Physics-Inspired Optimization.

Embrace a future-proof approach and be at the forefront of the quantum revolution. Let's transform your business today, setting the stage for a quantum tomorrow.


Airlines & Rail

QDC revolutionizes real-time decision-making for airlines and railways, tackling the $12 Billion annual disruption cost in the US.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Embrace efficient, real-time decision-making with QDC. Streamline your supply chain, eliminate costly delays, and optimize performance. Contact QDC to transform your supply chain with VeloxQ.

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Telecom & Energy

Enhance telecom and energy sectors with VeloxQ's physics-inspired solutions for optimal network and grid management. Ensure smooth communication and energy distribution, reduce costs, and boost performance. Contact QDC to integrate VeloxQ and revolutionize your operations.

Why Choose QDC?

QDC is empowering the future through physics-inspired optimization.

Our mission at QDC is to bridge science and business, solving optimization problems and driving value for our customers by seamlessly integrating physics-inspired solutions into their processes.

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